"Trumpilization" Naturalization to Vote Against Trump

The New York Times reported today that legal permanent residents are naturalizing fearing the catastrophic possibility of Donald Trump becoming president.  Naturalization would bring with it the right to vote. That is the point.  People are naturalizing to vote against Trump and his stated intent to institute draconian immigration policies.

It’s not only Donald Trump.  The level of disdain and outright disrespect toward immigrants, whether legal or illegal, has reached a fever pitch in the fight to be the Republican nominee for president.  While Republicans have thwarted even bipartisan efforts at immigration reform, the need to carry the base has revealed a darker side - the Party's true agenda and its members true feelings about immigrants.   No statement is too outrageous if it attacks immigrants.  Calls to ban certain religions, threats to break up families, statements that toddlers are capable of understanding removal proceedings all have been met with approval. 

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