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One of the sanctions you could face for being arrested for or charged with a DUI is driver’s license suspension. You cannot legally operate a motor vehicle when you lose your driving privileges. After the suspension period ends, you must apply to have your driver’s license reinstated. The process of getting driving privileges back can be overwhelming, as you must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements and provide proof to the DMV. Turn to a legal representative to help you through your case.

Our driver’s license restoration lawyer in Escondido can deliver the guidance you need to reinstate your driving privileges. At Sterger Law Group, we understand the hassles you can face when you don’t have a license. We will review the information concerning your suspension and what you need to do to get your license back. Our team will gather and prepare the necessary forms and documents to facilitate a smooth process.

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What Can Lead to a Loss of Driving Privileges?

A driver’s license suspension is the temporary loss of driving privileges. When someone is subject to this penalty, they are not legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle on public roads.

In California, a person’s driver’s license can be suspended for several reasons, primarily because of a traffic law violation. One common reason for losing driving privileges is a DUI arrest or conviction. The action serves to deter future drunk or drugged driving incidents. After all, if a person can’t drive, they can’t commit a DUI.

Below are the possible suspension periods in a DUI case:

  • First DUI: 6 months
  • Second DUI: 2 years
  • Underage DUI: 1 year
  • First-time chemical test failure: 4 months
  • First-time chemical test refusal: 1 year

How Can You Reinstate Your Driver’s License in CA?

As noted, you cannot drive when your driver’s license is suspended. And even after the suspension period ends, the restoration of driving privileges is not automatic. You must go through the DMV process to get your license back. If you fail to do so and operate a vehicle, you could be charged with driving on a suspended license. 

The steps for reinstating a driver’s license vary, as each individual may have different requirements they must fulfill.

That said, the following are the general stages for restoring driving privileges:

  • Wait until the suspension period finishes,
  • Submit proof of financial responsibility (SR-22 insurance) to the DMV
  • Provide proof of completing a driving under the influence course
  • Provide proof of enrollment in a DUI treatment program
  • Pay the reissue fee

Our driver’s license restoration lawyer in Escondido can ensure that you meet all requirements when applying for reinstatement with the DMV.

Can a Revoked Driver’s License Be Reinstated?

Like a driver’s license suspension, a revocation can happen for several reasons, such as a conviction for a third, fourth, or subsequent DUI. 

Still, a driver’s license revocation is different from a suspension. With a revocation, driving privileges are terminated, not just temporarily taken away. As such, a revoked license cannot be restored. Instead, you must apply for a new one with the DMV.

To get a new license, you must wait for the revocation period to end and fulfill any requirements imposed.

Get Legal Help Restoring Your Driver’s License

Sterger Law Group is here to help get driver’s licenses reinstated. We can develop a plan for your situation and guide you through the process. 

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