The Role of a DUI Lawyer

Simply put, a DUI lawyer is a lawyer who focuses on cases related to driving under the influence. People may be charged for driving under the influence for alcohol or drugs, or both. Generally speaking, most individuals caught driving under the influence face criminal charges. However, administrative license suspension charges will often accompany charges for driving under the influence. In injury or property damage cases, civil penalties may also arise.

Strictly speaking, most attorneys can defend individuals accused of driving under the influence. However, not every attorney has the necessary historical and legal knowledge associated with this particular area of the law. For this reason, hiring a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases is an advantage.

DUI cases are common, and particular strategies are associated with defenses relating to such cases. Furthermore, penalties for driving under the influence can be quite severe, even if the perpetrator is a first-time offender. This is why an attorney specializing in DUI cases should be hired if facing DUI charges.

Can Any Lawyer Be a DUI Lawyer?

If a lawyer has passed the bar and is licensed to practice law, they can act as a defense attorney in DUI cases. However, as previously stated, it makes much more sense to hire an attorney who specializes in such cases for extra peace of mind.

If an individual cannot afford to hire a DUI lawyer, a public defender will be assigned to them since the right to an attorney is protected by the Sixth Amendment. However, while an attorney will be provided, there’s no guarantee that this attorney specializes in cases relating to driving under the influence. Furthermore, public defenders usually have many cases assigned to them at any given time. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to build a strong defense because they might lack the specialized knowledge and time needed to familiarize themselves with DUI specifics and the area’s legal history.

Accordingly, it is recommended that individuals seeking the strongest DUI defense opt for an attorney who handles DUIs, if they can afford one.

How Do I know If a Lawyer Specializes in DUI?

Lawyers specializing in DUI will advertise their services accordingly. They will probably reject some cases in other areas of the law in order to focus on DUI cases instead. Furthermore, special qualifications relating to the defense of driving under the influence can also be evidence of expertise in this regard. Naturally, not all DUI lawyers have these certifications. However, the more knowledge they are proven to have, the more likely they’ll be able to help you in the courtroom.

It is essential to hire a DUI lawyer, even if you don’t think you have a chance in court. Even if you’re convinced that you’re guilty, a seasoned DUI lawyer may be able persuade the court to give you a lesser penalty, depending on your past behavior. Secondly, certain evidence might be defective, and if your lawyer can get this evidence thrown out, it is a genuine possibility that the prosecution will not be able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Needless to say, where guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is not proven, you WIN!

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