How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card for Parents?

If you’re a legal United States Citizen, you may be wondering how you can get your parents a Green Card, especially if they currently hold citizenship in another country. If you’re a legal citizen, and over the age of 21, it becomes a lot easier to help your parents obtain a green card because they do not have to abide by immigration numbers, and are instead considered immediate relatives. Thankfully, the process to obtain a green card for your parents is not as long as other types of applications. The average turnaround time is between 8 months to 16 months. However, the specific service center you filed with can directly impact the processing times, especially considering the amount of cases the service center needs to work through.

How to Apply for A Green Card for Your Parents

If you meet the eligible conditions to obtain a green card for your parents, you need to submit your application and any supporting documentation to get your mother or father approved for a green card. You’ll want to apply as soon as possible to establish your place in the virtual waiting line. The quicker you apply; the sooner you’ll get the approval you need.

 Follow these steps to get your application filed:

1.      First, you need to fill out the I-130 Visa Petition. You will need to fill out one form per parent if your trying to get both of your parents a green card in the United States. The form will ask for various information concerning their name, work, relationship, and current country of citizenship.

2.      Next, you’ll need to prove you’re a United States Citizen. This can be done through multiple types of documentation such as a birth certificate, passport, or certificate of citizenship.

3.      Finally, you need to prove that these people are your parents. This can be done through birth certificates, marriage certificates, or any other type of documentation supporting your claim. Make sure that all your documentation is correct before submitting your application. Any false information or mistakes made on your forms can cause your application to become rejected or delayed, which means you’ll need to submit an entirely new application, and restart the waiting process for your parent’s green card. This can become very lengthy for a process that should be relatively short. If you’ve already applied for your parent’s green card but want to check the current status, you can log on to the case tracker portal with your receipt number to see any updates on your application.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer to Ensure You’re Saving Time and Money

If you’re unsure how to fill out the paperwork, or where to get started, an immigration lawyer can help you through the process. We’ve dealt with tons of Green Card application processes and know how to navigate these tricky situations. This will ensure all supporting documentation is submitted and that your parents are eligible for the green card they’re trying to secure.

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