Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth it?

Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth it?

If you’re planning to move to the United States or apply for a Visa, you should invest in consulting with an immigration lawyer. While you are not required to use a lawyer to file your paperwork or help you through the process, doing everything yourself can leave you prone to common application mistakes. Mistakes can result in your application or visa being delayed or denied. Here is why an immigration lawyer is worth your money.

Easily Identifies Trouble

Before you even start the application process, your immigration lawyer will be able to spot any issues or trouble you may have on your case. Using the internet to research common topics may yield helpful information, but it’s no substitute for an experienced immigration lawyer who has dealt with cases like yours. Your lawyer will be able to assess your case to identify problems or struggles that may arise during the process. Many times, you can fix these issues beforehand to ensure a successful application.

Your Rights Are Protected

Using an experienced immigration lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected throughout your application process. Lawyers know the ins and outs of the legal processes involved with immigration cases and what to do if there are any pushback or struggles. Their expertise becomes essential during delicate matters like deportation proceedings as well as setting limits with an immigration officer for naturalization or permanent resident interviews.

Access to Proper Information

An immigration lawyer will be able to help you with any of your questions, from processing times to the legal requirements needed for your case, which will ensure you’re doing everything possible to present your best case to the court. There are not many reputable sources of information online that can help you with this process. The previously used INFOPASS system, where the public could arrange an appointment as a local Immigration office with a CIS officer, is no longer available. Agencies you find online do not always provide accurate information or charge an astronomical fee for access to basic information.

Protecting Your Best Interest

Immigration Lawyers are there to ensure that your best interests are represented throughout your case. The government is not always looking out for you. While often you will be treated fairly and guided to an approved case, it’s wrong to assume every person will do the right thing when assessing your paperwork. Using an immigration lawyer will level the playing field by constructing an immigration strategy and ensuring your case is on track.

Save Your Time

If you make a mistake on the required paperwork or forget to submit supporting documents, you can assure that your case will most likely be denied. Current policies allow little forgiveness in submitting late paperwork, and officials are told to deny your case if not enough evidence is presented instead of asking for more clarification. You’ll have to start the entire process over to be approved. You can skip all this hassle by trusting an immigration lawyer who has been through this process before to ensure you’re submitting the proper documentation.

You should always consult with an immigration lawyer when you’re submitting your paperwork to migrate or obtain a visa. Immigration lawyers will save you time, money and ensure that your best interests are prioritized.


Rick Sterger is a licensed attorney practicing immigration law throughout the United States. His practice, located in San Diego, California represents client before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court), Board of Immigration Appeals, and Circuit Courts of Appeals. Rick proudly maintains the practice of providing his initial client consultation for FREE. To schedule a consultation, call (760) 280-7900 today.

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