Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Process?

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Can an Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Process?

Your immigration case might involve a lot of work. While some immigration cases only require basic paperwork, some can be very complicated with different rules, regulations, and laws you must navigate throughout the process.

Immigration Lawyers are skilled at helping you achieve a successful outcome in your application process. They know how to handle all your paperwork, court cases, and filings, so you don’t need to worry. Immigration lawyers cannot speed up the wait time for your application process to be approved or for a court date to be set. This process is completed by a government organization, not a private company. Immigration lawyers can help expedite other parts of your immigration application process to ensure no delays or issues with your case.

Keep You Updated

Immigration lawyers do more than help you file paperwork for your application. They also ensure that you are updated on immigration law. The law constantly changes, so it can be tricky without professional help. An immigration lawyer can help you find shortcuts and update you on any law changes to ensure all standards are met when filing your paperwork.

Submit A Flawless Application

One of the most common reasons you may be denied or delayed in your application process is that you didn’t fill out your paperwork correctly. Visa applications can be overwhelming and require many different documents and forms. Filling out the application yourself can only increase the chance of a mistake. Immigration Lawyers will ensure you are always using the correct forms and filling them out correctly.

Expedite Processing with USCIS

In certain rare cases, your Escondido immigration lawyer may be able to expedite your immigration case for an additional processing fee. This process does not apply to family visa applications and may only apply to certain work visas. You must have a good reason for expediting your application, or the USCIS will not approve your case. This could include special situations like military deployment, family emergencies, or a medical procedure.

Find Solutions to Tricky Situations

Your application situation will differ because of your background, experience, and life situations. These circumstances may make you ineligible for certain visas or require you to fill out additional paperwork. An immigration lawyer has dealt with similar cases and knows how to navigate these tricky situations. They will ensure all supporting documentation is submitted and you’re eligible for the visa or citizenship you’re applying for.

Pay Attention to Requests

If you are required to submit additional paperwork or have been sent court date information, your immigration lawyer will make sure to handle it. They will go over what you need to do and how to do it to ensure that everything is responded to and addressed promptly. While Immigration Lawyers can’t speed up your application's processing time with the government, they can ensure that every part of your application is ready to go so there are no further delays.


Rick Sterger is a licensed attorney practicing immigration law throughout the United States. His practice in San Diego, California, represents clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court), Board of Immigration Appeals, and Circuit Courts of Appeals. Rick proudly maintains the practice of providing his initial client consultation for FREE. To schedule a consultation, call (760) 280-7900 today.

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